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Book your place at our Life Languages Business Workshop (LLP)
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Book your place at our Life Languages Business Workshop (LLP)

The Myers Touch is delighted to be hosting a Life Languages Business Workshop later this month, and you’re invited! 

The Myers Touch is delighted to be hosting a Life Languages Business Workshop later this month, and you’re invited! 

Provided by Be•Then•Do, the goal of the workshop is to “Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do so that you can improve communication within TEAMS, ORGANISATIONS and BUSINESSES”.

Over the last year, we ourselves have run this course for members of our team and have found it extremely productive in terms of personal development, team dynamics and positive language to communicate in challenging situations.

We have decided to arrange a taster course at a minimal investment to see if you would also find it helpful to your business, so have the following details to gauge your interest in the event and the postposed date.

Business workshop cost: £185 + VAT per person
Date: Friday 26 February
Venue: Norton Park Hotel – Winchester location details can be found here.

The training will include the web-based profile test, which will produce a 22 page report on your personal profile and also includes the workbook. 

There will also be an overview of the seven languages in the morning, briefly explaining each life language and how it interacts. Following lunch (which is included),  we will look at some case studies in the afternoon to give an idea of how the Life Languages work between people and teams. (You will need to take the profile test before attending the course and a code will be issued on booking of the course).   

Business owners or senior managers would be best suited for this first course, but it is open to anyone wishing to attend.

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Bau-for-mat – Your luxury kitchen for less
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Bau-for-mat – Your luxury kitchen for less

Looking for a more cost-effective luxury brand to help transform your kitchen and living space? Look no further than Bau-for-mat. This more affordable kitchen manufacturer boasts the ‘Golden M’ award and currently sits within the top 10% of German kitchen manufacturers.  We can easily see why!

Everyone has their own particular requirements for their dream kitchen and to ensure they deliver a unique and personal space, Bau-for-mat provide individual solutions to suit a range of budgets and floor plans. This unique German kitchen brand pays great attention to the quality of their materials and suppliers, with every aspect of their designs aimed at combining functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics to help create the highest standard of kitchen. 


The company’s technical know-how on kitchen design is evident from their near-featureless designs and innovative construction.In addition to their various designs and large selection of fronts and work surfaces, they offer ergonomic cabinet heights and different cupboard depths for optimum use of storage space!


Bau-for-mat kitchens are also very flexible in terms of styling and colours, with a whole host of innovative features and accessories to complement their solid wood, driftwood and concrete finishes.

We believe their kitchens display excellent craftsmanship and design for a price you wouldn’t expect. As a result, we are sure Bau-for-mat will continue to be a permanent fixture in the kitchen market in 2016. 

To find out more information about Bau-for-mat, contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182.

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Slowly taking shape
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Slowly taking shape

It’s been an exciting and very busy start to 2016 here at The Myers Touch. In case you missed our last newsletter, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our Winchester showroom. The project is slowly starting to take shape with the introduction of the all-important roof!

We can’t wait until the showroom is complete in the next couple of months.

The next step is the driveway. Fingers crossed for good weather!


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Top tips for choosing the right kitchen flooring
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Top tips for choosing the right kitchen flooring

When giving your kitchen a makeover, it can be easy to overlook the flooring situation when other elements such as cabinets, worktops and appliances are involved. The kitchen is essentially command central for cooking, homework, family gatherings and more, so it’s important to find a floor that will withstand the test of traffic and time, as well as make the statement you desire.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, we have outlined some of our favourite styles that truly will transform your kitchen!

Revive with poured resin

Kitchen flooring might need to be practical and hardwearing, but there is no need for it to be dull! A simple poured resin floor is sturdy and can give your kitchen bags of character with its effortlessly polished look. The liquid mix is poured and left to set, forming a durable and waterproof floor that can create a smooth and seamless aesthetic in your kitchen. This style of flooring is most commonly sought-after in whites and mid greys and works particularly well in large open-plan areas as it is extremely low-maintenance and can even help to reflect light around the room. 

Poured resin flooring

Create a timber effect

Real hardwood is not always the recommended option for a hard-working kitchen, but that’s not to say you can’t get the timber effect you desire. Both luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and laminate flooring can be model lookalikes and are super-durable as well as lightweight and waterproof. Good-quality engineered wood is another alternative that looks almost identical to the real thing. It’s made up of three layers: a top and bottom of wood finished with an inner core of softwood. These alternatives can be used with underfloor heating and will contrast perfectly with almost any kitchen design, adding both character and timeless appeal. 


Play with parquet

When exposed and treated well, parquet flooring can be the ultimate wow-factor feature of your kitchen. This classic but casual design can be laid as individual blocks in one of a number of different patterns, such as herringbone, basketweave or chevron. However, the traditional effect can be copied simply with engineered wood planks that are easier to fit. You can keep your kitchen look casual but polished with industrial-style or painted gloss units and worktops, both of which will stand out visually.  


Seamless stone

If you have a kitchen that leads onto an outdoor space, using the same or similar flooring inside and out is an ideal way to blur the boundaries to make your kitchen feel much larger. Stone is the perfect material flooring for this as it is hard-wearing, weather resistant and can be used with underfloor heating to create a warm ambience inside. There are a variety of types, including natural, LVT or porcelain tiles, and you can determine the colour and finish with each to meet your design and budget. 

Stone flooring

Another benefit of stone flooring is that it is often used in open-plan kitchen and living spaces. Many people question whether to keep an open-plan area defined or continuous, but with stone, you can actually do both. Using stone in the kitchen and then swapping to timber floors in the dining space, for example, will define two areas with or without a physical divide. However, if you choose to keep your flooring continuous, you can add definition by incorporating elevation changes and warmth to living areas with the simple addition of rugs. 



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How to make your kitchen island work for you
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How to make your kitchen island work for you

Cooking, juggling every-day tasks and entertaining within your kitchen whilst still maintaining an efficient workspace may seem like a dream for many, but it can, with a little help, become a reality!

Here at The Myers Touch, we have previously discussed the fantastic practical benefits that an island can have on your kitchen in our recent blog ‘Create an Interactive space with a kitchen island’. To help continue you on your island journey, we reveal more of our top secrets below, from picking the right size and orientation, to the integrated appliances you can include. 

Getting the size just right

The proportion of an island in relation to the entire kitchen is its most important feature. It dictates the flow and determines whether it's a comfortable space. In addition to this, it is also important to consider the function of the island when determining the size. Will you have a side dedicated to cooking with additional space for seating? Will the emphasis be focused around prep work with integrated appliances within close reach, or will you be using the work surface predominantly for entertaining and spending time with your family? These are all factors your kitchen design specialist will take into account when determining the size of the island and how it will work practically within the space available.


It’s all in the orientation

Once you know the size of the island that will work in your kitchen, it’s now down to the positioning. Little details like this can go a long way. Getting the placement just right depends on a number of factors and if you don’t take them into account during the design phase, islands can obstruct the flow of traffic from the workstations, sink, fridge, hob and oven.


For example, if your kitchen space is rectangular and you are looking to install a rectangular island, in general, you would follow the same orientation of the room, so the longest edge running parallel with the longest wall. You can place your island perpendicular to the longer wall; however, this would limit the size of island you could have within your kitchen.

Blending functionality

With a bit of careful planning, your kitchen island can become far more than a humble seating area. Thanks to integrated appliances you can now easily create practical zones, entertaining hubs, homework centres and charging stations. However, the design needs to be managed skilfully to ensure the space is put to good use.    


For example, if you plan to integrate the main sink into the island then it would be a good idea to also include the dishwasher. If the island will be the main preparation area, you will need to think about the practicalities by placing a concealed waste disposal unit. The design of your kitchen island can also help keep your kitchen clutter free by the use of masked storage for smaller kitchen appliances.

Excellent extraction

We often create kitchen islands that include an integrated induction hob; however, we are aware that some clients can be put off by the use of an extractor fan. There are a few ways around this with the introduction of design-led extractor hoods that will ensure a clean and pleasant living space whilst seamlessly blending into your new kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island, a ceiling extractor can be built into the ceiling or a bulkhead designed to lower the height of the ceiling. This method means that there is no obstruction to the cook’s line of sight, which works well within an open-plan kitchen and living space. 


For a more decorative option, you could opt for a pendant extractor suspended from the ceiling. Some resemble a light fitting to provide secondary lighting across the kitchen.

An alternative and more discreet option for an island extractor fan is a ‘pop-up’ or downdraft extractor. The benefit of this design is that it rises up out of the worktop when in use, but sits completely flush with the surface when you are finished cooking.

For help designing your dream kitchen island, contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182.

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