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Exciting news! We are expanding
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Exciting news! We are expanding

It’s all change here at The Myers Touch this Christmas! We are delighted that our exciting extension on our Winchester studio is well underway!

We have invested heavily to expand our studio in order to continue to deliver our celebrated superior service to clients, as well as showcase a variety of outstanding kitchen designs featuring iconic manufacturers, such as SieMatic.

The final phase of the renovation will be due for completion in the first quarter of 2016, which will be followed by an exclusive event inviting clients and fellow Hampshire businesses to our newly renovated studio.  

We will keep you updated with the developments and look forward to sharing the finished studio with you in the New Year.

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5 hot kitchen trends for 2016
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5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, it’s almost time for us to say farewell to the kitchen design trends that have had us hooked this past year, and welcome the ones that will soon capture our hearts. But with kitchen trends constantly changing, many people find themselves acting cautiously when it comes to following fashionable styles that could make their kitchen appear dated once they fade. However, by adopting trends that reflect your tastes and adding individual spins to of-the-moment looks, you can easily ensure that your culinary space offers the desired appeal that will last for years to come. 

Here we highlight some of the styles, hues, finishes and furnishings that will dominate 2016 and how they have been incorporated into some of our own favourite projects.

Precious metals

At The Myers Touch, we are no stranger to incorporating metallics into our projects, so we were delighted to see that this chic trend is set to continue into next year! Warmer metallics such as gold, brass and copper are predicted to gain popularity over the coming months as they add a sophisticated warmth to a space. It is still possible however to incorporate cooler shades if you are looking to create that polished finish. To work some high-shine style into your kitchen, consider adding feature metallic pendant lights that can be hung above an island to compliment both contemporary and traditional styles, as shown in our ‘Less is more’ project.

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

Transitional fusions

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen but are unsure on whether to stick to modern or traditional elements, why not go transitional? This lesser-known style of design has recently grown in popularity through the blending and layering of different materials that allow greater scope for personal preference and flexibility. Projects like The past, present and future’ demonstrate the unique ways that materials such as wood and more contemporary cabinets can be combined to create a timeless, functional and welcoming space.

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

An alternative way to blur the lines between contemporary and traditional is to add some vintage flair. This is perfect for renovators who are looking to create a cosy atmosphere amongst modern features, much like our ‘Time for change’ project. The addition of the vintage-style stools in this kitchen creates a nostalgic feel that calms the elegance of the white island and units.

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

But that’s not all… There is also another secret to creating that balance between modern and tradition – texture! Regardless of colour and style, textures can instantly add depth and interest to a minimalist space, while also creating a warm and homely feel. There are a number of ways to add texture to the design of your kitchen, but some of our favourites include splashbacks, worktops and cabinets.

Subdued neutrals

Next year will mark the return of soothing neutrals, but not as we know them. Classic, crisp white will remain a go-to hue in the year ahead, but it is expected that the introduction of white appliances is one factor helping to keep the colour in the spotlight. Grey is still a colour that will feature strongly, but in much warmer tones and will create a versatile palette of muted grey taupes. These shades are elegant, sophisticated and very much understated, perfect for accentuating detailed features in both period and contemporary properties. If you are looking for a little inspiration on bringing grey into your kitchen, check out our blog from last month.

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

Home comforts

Kitchen stools are well-known for their striking visual impact, but are notorious for not necessarily being kind when it comes to comfort. Reassuringly, it’s predicted that high-design style will take a backseat in 2016, welcoming soft and organic shapes as well as cosy fabrics. Our ‘Serenity and Style’ project showcases casual dining with a bespoke matte leather seating area, finished with contrasting cushions that add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome scheme – what more could you wish for?

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

Open to opportunities

The social butterflies amongst us will be pleased to see that open plan living shows no sign of dwindling any time soon. This design style has your kitchen, dining and living spaces all rolled into one, reflecting the way many of us now use our homes as we cook, work, socialise and entertain. A multifunctional space to combine all of these activities is now typically essential, and some methods of incorporating this include breakfast bars, peninsulas and islands.

5 hot kitchen trends for 2016

It’s clear to see that 2016 will be a strong year for kitchen design, but some of the best trends are still yet to come! If you are looking for more information on any of the above or some that you have in mind yourself, contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182.

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Making a splash in your kitchen
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Making a splash in your kitchen

Tiles and splashbacks are far more than just practical and can now help you create a truly unique masterpiece in your kitchen! 


White metro tiles have dominated the kitchen industry for a number of years.  Reminiscent of the London Underground, the simple tile is perfect for adding a contemporary flair with a retro twist to your kitchen. They’re also available with bevelled edges for added texture, as well as a range of bold shades and patterned styles. 

A new wave of fun, bright designs are also making waves, helping you create a look with maximum impact.

From intricate Moroccan designs, to striking and fun retro patterns, you really can have fun with a variety of vivid shapes and styles to suit your kitchen, be it traditional or more contemporary. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Whether it’s a small area or a whole wall, a combination of confident colours and complex, individual patterns on a simple white and neutral background can provide a fascinating, eye-catching backdrop.


If you want to take a departure from the tiled look, you could opt for a splashback, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

If a plain colour is not what you’re looking for, why not try a colourful glass splashback which is a popular choice for a sleek, streamlined style because it can be fitted in large panels. 


For another flawless look, Corian, the work surface material with seamless joints, can create acoved upstand which is visually seamless and formed from your unique work surface at the factory. The coved upstand is available in any of the available worktop colours and in a range of sizes. It can even be used to go all the way up your wall as a backsplash. The below images show a composite stone splashback and then furniture panel material splashback.


Alternatively, to create the illusion of space within your kitchen, a mirrored or pale glass splashback can help reflect light around the room, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. 

If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your kitchen, contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182.


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Innovation from the inside - How SieMatic are taking kitchen storage to the next level
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Innovation from the inside - How SieMatic are taking kitchen storage to the next level

We are all familiar with this dilemma; we add more and more gadgets, glassware and dishes to our kitchen collection and no matter how well we stack them, space doesn’t seem to be on our side!

SieMatic have found the solution, which can be changed and adapted over time as your needs and requirements evolve – your kitchen will never become redundant. 

Creative kitchen solutions by SieMatic are made up of many, often modest little details that not only highlight their timeless elegance and high quality materials, but also their “inner values”, which provide homeowners with the power to keep a clutter-free, beautiful kitchen, but with the practical necessities close to hand.

We believe that with SieMatic, creating order has never been so much fun. Here we highlight just some of their highly flexible interior design solutions that provide dedicated storage to extend your kitchen’s functionality and allow you to accomplish any cooking task with the upmost of ease.

MultiMatic interior fitting system

Even if you have a small kitchen, the right cabinet design can utilize the space to its full potential. The MultiMactic interior design system can be configured, changed and expanded just the way you like, providing 30% more storage space. 

Designed exclusively by SieMatic, the basis for this creative solution is the patented SieMatic Multifunction track, which can be installed into every SieMatic cabinet* can also be added to the doors, allowing for their beautiful aluminium trays and frames to suspend without visible attachment.

There’s a place for everything in a SieMatic kitchen and the little details really do count! As a result, the accessories options for MultiMactic are endless! From baskets available in a variety of heights and depths for bottles and canned goods, to baking sheet holders and attractive aluminium-coloured clips for your shopping list and receipts. 

*Cannot be installed directly into BeauxArt doors and so additional multimatic panels need to be installed in the inside of the door.


This convenient storage solution means that even the most conventional cooking utensils become attractive features within your kitchen!

Customised draws and pull outs

SieMatic’s revolutionary kitchen cabinetry doesn’t stop there!

Thanks to SieMatic’s versatile designs, their draws can be subdivided and accessorised to your individual needs. Behind every door is a mixture of beautiful, high quality materials, ranging from oak and chestnut, to attractive porcelain containers, providing a place for knives, spoons, spices and even chopsticks.

An integrated USB charging station can also be added into SieMatic’s internal cabinets, along with the GripDeck anti-slip inserts for heavier items, such as pots, which have been developed on the principles of a yacht deck.  A detail few think about until their drawer contents slide around and become disorganised.

Please note that the inserts are optional extras and do not come with the units. 

If you would like the flexibility to adapt and change your storage solutions to create an efficient, stunning kitchen, contact The Myers Touch to find out more about creating a kitchen tailored to you and your family’s needs.


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Grey Matters: Top tips for this year’s colour trend
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Grey Matters: Top tips for this year’s colour trend

When it comes to interiors, grey can often seem like the opposite of colour, which technically it is! Many people perceive it to be too cool for the family home, but the magic of grey is that it provides the perfect backdrop for a bold or subtle accent colour. Partner this with plenty of natural light and you can transform any room into a calm, chic and contemporary space.

We at The Myers Touch view grey as a colour that cannot be defined to a particular era or trend, and can complement all colour schemes within any style of home.  It can be used to calm and complement bright hues such as pink and orange, or contrast with heavy textured surfaces such as metal, wood and concrete.

If you're looking for a little inspiration, we have come up with our favourite ways to bring grey, partnered with other colours, into your kitchen.

Incorporate metallics

The popularity of metallics is another trend that also shows no signs of slowing down. The kitchen arguably offers the most scope for introducing elements of brass, copper, silver and gold, and by partnering the glow of these colours with calm and cool shades of grey, a harmonious and polished finish can be created. You can subtly add dimension to a grey-based kitchen with golden glimmers in lighting or accessories, but you can also go bold with metallic panels, worktops, appliances and stools helping create an industrial-style interior. 

Less is more

Combine materials

It’s official! Grey flooring is ‘in’. The kitchen is all about mixing and matching when it comes to design and different textures as well as shades of grey can easily be combined with countless materials. How about incorporating fresh white walls with a contrasting dark grey floor to create clean lines within a contemporary space.

Indoor Outdoor

Brighten a space

Grey doesn’t have to be boring! It can form a neutral background for fun, adventurous splashes of colour. The contrast creates dimension in a kitchen and can be used in combination between countertops, units and splash backs to create sleek and stylish spaces. Soft furnishings can be added to divert slightly from monochrome palettes and will also accentuate particular features.  

A Brighter Future

Complement any style

How do you select a timeless colour scheme for your kitchen? It’s a question many people face when designing their dream space. Grey is elegant, sophisticated and understated, perfect for highlighting detailed design features in both period and contemporary properties. By combining soft grey cabinets with natural stone worktops and adding contrasting accessories, you can create a look that will truly stand the test of time whether your style is modern or classic. 

Classic Appeal

If you’re looking to create an ageless kitchen that will stand the test of time, contact us on 01962 600182 to find out how we can help.

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