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Dining Club - Sicily and it's flavours 1 Dining Club - Sicily and it's flavours 2 Dining Club - Sicily and it's flavours 3

Dining Club - Sicily and it's flavours

Thursday 24th January 2019 (7-10pm)

Where else in Winchester can you enjoy a dinner that celebrates traditional Sicilian flavours on a cold evening in January brought to you by enthusiastic Italian Chef, Sergio Mitrano?  

Shake off those winter blues and imagine yourself in the warm evenings of Sicily that you could be experiencing in 4-6 months time!

"With all my knowledge of the different regions of Italy and my catering experience, I am delighted to cook and share with you my Sicilian menu for this special dining event at The Myers Touch studio where I will be showcasing the finest ingredients and specially chosen wines to bring a taste of Italy to Winchester". Sergio Mitrano





Cocktail Champagne and Canapés: Upon arrival Sergio will welcome you with the new version of the cocktail Bellini, dedicated to the famous composer Vincenzo Bellini of Catania, one of his famous works was the opera "La Norma". you will taste the Cocktail with different canapes with purely Sicilian flavours


Tagliatelle sea and mountains

Fresh homemade tagliatelle seasoned with fresh pistachio cream and prawn, savour the taste of the pistachio of Bronte, a small village under the slopes of the volcano Etna, and the taste of the red shrimp


Sarde beccafico

fresh sardines stuffed with a typical Sicilian dough full of Mediterranean flavours, this is an ancient Sicilian recipe with a lot of history


Sicilian Cannoli and Cassata 

Typical Sicilian pastries with fresh ricotta cheese


Beverage: during the dinner you will taste some typically Sicilian wines,

White - Cataratto - Inzolia – Red Frappato – dessert Almond wine


The ticket price is £75 per head inclusive of accompanying wines


Vegetarian menu available by request



We look forward to sharing this flamboyant Italian experience with you.


15 places available for the evening

13 tickets remaining



7.00pm guest arrival and canapés

7.30pm guests congregate for initial presentation of menu

7.45pm first course served

10.00pm carriages


Sergio Mitrano - Chef

Sergio Mitrano grew up in Catania, Sicily under the volcano of Mount Etna. His parent’s owned a restaurant in the city and as soon as he could walk he was waiting tables and cleaning fish! He worked at the restaurant throughout his adolescence under his father as chef and his brother as a pizza chef. The food was classic for the regions of Bologna, Emilia Romagna (his father’s hometown) which is renowned for some of the best food in Italy and his mother’s town of Napoli where the pizza dish was born. His brother was one the best pizza chefs in Sicily because he followed the original recipes from Napoli passed on from their mother.





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