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We are so excited that the kitchen table has made a come-back, and that families are drawn to the kitchen, not just to cook or eat, but to linger and to enjoy each other’s company. For the smaller kitchen-dining space this may simply mean a drop-down table for two that can be set up for a quick breakfast together, or perhaps an overhanging worktop ledge that becomes a gathering and snacking point. For larger kitchen spaces however, an extendible dining table is a fantastic idea. Shrinking to a table for 6-8 during the ‘quiet’ seasons, and elongating to seat 12-14 when the family come home, the extendible table allows for the ebb and flow of life and the release of useful space.

Whether you prefer a view of the garden or an enclosed and intimate dining experience, our designers have the expertise to create open or broken-plan living spaces that will perfectly meet your needs. For more inspiration take a look at some of our projects to see how we may be able to help you.

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