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Utility & Boot Rooms

Now that our kitchen-living spaces are becoming both a hub of family activities and a place of relaxation, it is more important than ever that the noisier, more unsightly and utilitarian functions are released from the kitchen space into a place all of their own. As a rule these fall into two categories the Utility and the Boot room, though in many circumstances they are combined.

The Boot room is that glorious space at the back entrance of our home in which we can cast off our muddy boots, damp coats and sports gear before entering the rest of our home without bringing dirt or clutter. It is a perfect room for pet owners and can be as simple as providing a place for a dog bed and coat rack or as grand as an ordered storage facility for outdoor garments and equipment of all shapes and sizes. Ideally it should be warm (to quickly dry all those damp coats), and well ventilated (for all those cast-off trainers)!

The utility on the other hand is a power house of activity. From washing machine and tumble dryer to clothes airer, broom cupboard and a place for the ironing board and vacuum, this room certainly has its space quickly filled. Then there’s the indoor mending pile, the bits and pieces drawer and a place for all those over-sized vases, candles, torches and batteries. Every last bit of space is required for functionality and storage. These rooms often house the boiler too, so access for servicing is also a consideration.

The Utility or Boot rooms may be visible from the kitchen so, in some cases it is often pleasing to continue the same kitchen furniture into this space. In others, a lower cost option is more relevant. However, the design and use of the space is no less important to gain the most from these highly practical spaces. For more inspiration take a look at some of our projects to see how we may be able to help you.

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