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Kitchen Interior Trends For 2019 - Part One

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kitchen Interior Trends For 2019 - Part One

As the hub of the home, the changes in trends when it comes to kitchens are a by-product of how lifestyles are changing. Open plan luxury areas perfect for home life, entertaining and relaxing are the order of the day.

Designers are at the forefront of interior architecture plans, and the constant stream of inspiration galleries mean people are more aware than ever before of what they want. Here, we'll take a look at some of the key themes in kitchen design.

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Kitchen Design and Lifestyle

Open Planning and the Culinary Living Room

The rise of open plan living seemingly knows no bounds and this has led to kitchen-dining areas expanding even further to kitchen-living areas. As the social hub of the home, this is an evolution to be expected, and it will continue to develop over time.

With the pandering for this style of areas in the home, cupboards are making way for shelving systems that add style and substance to the space. Kitchens need to be practical but don't need to dominate spaces.

Whether you're using hidden appliances, fold away units, concealed sinks or hidden utility rooms (like we did with this 'clean & colourful' luxury Winchester kitchen)

Images: Our Clean & Colourful Project.

Industrial Touches

Using industrial features, and creating industrial-style kitchens and homes, has been a blossoming design trend for the last few years. One way that people are using this style is through freestanding furniture pieces that complement the open plan space and other things in the area.

It takes a creative mind to ensure each object fits the scheme and takes inspiration from the 1940s/50s. Individuality is craved, and imperfections are marks of beauty. Designed to impress, they should contrast each other with modest pieces alongside ostentatious bits, light and dark, thick and thin.

The beauty of kitchen design - and interior design, in general - is that it should show the owner's personality and express their beliefs. Everything that's there has a purpose and give an industrial feel to the room.

Parts are rough and untreated but when mixed with metallic features, they can become refined. Simple and functional design meets industrial materials and it's common to see things like leather and waxed canvases in earthy colours.

Image: SieMatic.com.

Atmospheric Lighting

Within the home in general, lighting is becoming a bigger and bigger talking point. When it comes to the dining area, it's one of the biggest questions to address. Kitchen lighting needs a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Image: SieMatic.com.

For the eating area you need subtle, stylish touches to lighting and the design. Currently, forests and woodlands are inspiring both structural and decorative designs. You'll find that fluid forms are prominent but again it needs to work both with the space and, more importantly, the individual.

Luxurious Detail

Kitchen design is all about style but that has to be built on substance. Sometimes the luxurious details are little add-ons and unexpected details to furniture and lighting. As the evolution of a culinary space combined with living areas continues, it looks like there is a future for metal, glass, stone, wood and textured surfaces in homes across the world.

This is the first in our six-part series talking all things on trend when it comes to kitchen interiors. Keep your eyes peeled for our second instalment all about wellness and the part your kitchen plays in that.

Image: SieMatic.com.

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