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Kitchen Interiors Trends for 2019 - Part Two

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kitchen Interiors Trends for 2019 - Part Two

In the first of our series on kitchen trends for 2019, we took a look at Design and Lifestyle when using your space, including open planning and industrial touches.

Kitchens always were the hub of the home, and the desire now is for open living that incorporates a number of factors - including personal wellness. Here we'll take a look at some of the ways that design can aid individual wellness.

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Image: Our Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen Project.

Focus on Self Care

Mental health is a topic that's been spoken about a lot in 2018, and the desire to switch off for "me" time is bigger than ever. Of course, escaping for an hour means different things to different people and the kitchen can be a sanctuary when designed well.

From the action of cooking to entertaining friend and family to the design of the room, there are many ways that this space can help self care and interiors that replicate the feeling of wellness are now in high demand.

The best way to do this is using dark colour palettes combined with glowing lighting as this creates a feeling of calm. When combined with comfy seating and neat touches, this gives you the space to carve out some time and relax.

Image: SieMatic.com

Technology can also be a big help (when implemented correctly) to calming you and making things effortless. Kitchen appliances that have specific purposes, like water purifiers or sparkling water makers promote simplicity and make us more eco-conscious. 

Finally, consider how the spaces can be hyper-sensorial, with things such as high-backed and oversized furniture.

Spiritual Balance

Alongside self care, there's a growing interest in spirituality and more and more people are embracing holistic wellness. This can be done through contrasting palettes and balancing warm and muted tones throughout.

The idea is that these design principles counterbalance chaos to create a comforting space - crystals are a good example of spiritual design being used more frequently in interiors to create this effect.

Connection with Nature

All of this ties in to growing a deeper connection with nature and lighting. From natural light to natural imperfections, brighter areas and handcrafted pieces allow for the celebrated artisanal aesthetic that's so revered. As kitchen designers, we look for a narrative behind the objects we use and solid reasoning around the way we build out spaces.

Raw materials and primal forms reconnect us with simpler life and there are ways to immerse people into the wild authentically with a focus on connecting to nature.

Indoor Air Quality

Community care is inspiring people to be more eco-friendly and thoughtful of others. Within the world of kitchens, this manifests itself in more indoor planters and herb gardens as well as more and more people growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Particularly in cities, indoor air quality is a big talking point and it can be even worse inside than out due to poor ventilation. Try one of these options for a natural way to clean up the air:

  • Air purifier
  • Indoor plants
  • Salt rooms
  • Beeswax candles
  • Bamboo charcoal
With this trend growing, there is technology to make these things possible regardless of your home or location. Things like Growth LED lights and progressive kitchen design can be huge differentiators.

Image: SieMatic.com.