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The kitchen is part of a low-carbon home and is designed to meet the needs of a wheelchair dependent client and we were to create spaces that would allow her to live independently.


We designed this kitchen to have three different heights to enable Jo and her family to prepare and cook food easily. For example, the accessible worktop with a custom-made sink was made to be 870mm - the perfect height for a wheelchair user.

Other key features in this design include wheelchair level ovens with tray slides that sit directly under two Neff Slide & Glide ovens, a Neff Steamer and a Microwave, so hot oven trays can be moved easily across each tray slide.

A pull-out shelf allows for food/trays to be moved easily to the worktop level that was designed to be lower than standard for wheel-chair use. In front of the hob, there is also a protective lip at the edge of the worktop to stop a pan from boiling over onto the floor, or onto the client's lap. A stone sink was also custom made by Cosentino, so it wasn’t too deep for our client to reach into.

The architects included wood slatting across the entire ground floor that creating a stunning feature in the kitchen space. Each slat was designed to run with precision over the door units - there were also toasters and pull-out drawers hidden behind this area which were designed to be isolated from the power when the doors were closed.


Mixing different materials and textures in a kitchen space created interest and contrast. The striking mix of the stained wood slatting, Graphite Grey cabinetry and durable Dekton Keon worktops in this collaborative kitchen design creates a real wow factor.

This kitchen design works for each family member with varying needs and heights so that it is a space that allows for the whole family to enjoy and create memories together.

Our Clients had this to say:

The ovens have sturdy trays that glide out so I can quickly drop Hot dishes onto them. If the average person drops their supper, it is quite annoying. If I drop my supper, it ends up in my lap and I could have months in the hospital with third-degree burns.
Jo Wright