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A practical space to encourage freshness and light and able to enjoy the views whilst working in the kitchen.


More than a touch of accuracy was needed when designing and installing the back wall of this kitchen. With open walkways at both ends it was vital that the bespoke panelling surrounding the kitchen cabinetry fitted perfectly, providing a simple frame for the transition between kitchen and Utility areas. The SieMatic order was split so that exact measurements could be taken once the walls and opening cabinets were in place.


Set toward the rear of a stunning cantilevered piece of architecture this kitchen needed to command itself as a backdrop to spectacular woodland views.

Whilst it needed to remain practical for the owners, who selected a Total Heat Aga for warmth and traditional cooking, it also oozes simplicity and sophistication, with the use of an induction cook top and steam combination cooking for added flexibility together with a state- of- the- art Quooker Fusion tap for instant hot, cold and boiling water.

The island is flanked by dramatic Eco Riverbed which sets the island as a statement piece in the centre of the room and offers a correlation to both the architecture and its organic setting.

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