Gold leaf vein kitchen Poole | The Myers Touch
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The client already had a vision of how the kitchen could be laid out but lacked the expertise to create the important wow factor in this statement home. A simple white gloss lacquered finish to the cabinets keeps the kitchen in elegant harmony with the remainder of the home, allowing light to reflect within the space and create an uplifting ambience. At the same time, a special touch of glamour is introduced in two key places which transport this kitchen from the ordinary into a piece of art.


Light, elegance and beauty were the leading features of this compelling design. Since the kitchen sits between the lobby and the entrance to the living areas it was important to allow a natural flow from the lobby, through the kitchen into the wider living area. This was achieved by setting the peninsular at an angle and integrating bespoke cabinetry with gently curving fronts in order to create a gentle sweep.

The more glamorous elements of the kitchen, such as the display cabinets and the sleek hob are adorned with feature lighting: SieMatic SLX recess channels offer the perfect solution for an ambient glow. The sink and TV are concealed from view as you walk through to the living room allowing the messier elements of kitchen use to stay hidden out of view.

The crowning features are the beautiful white and gold veined stone effect glass splashback and the hand-painted gold and copper vein which sweeps through the curved cabinets and brings with it both luxury and its own unique personality.


This was always going to be a home with a wow factor, and the finishing touches have certainly allowed this dream to come true. The clients are delighted with both the spatial and ergonomic aspects as well as the artistic detailing, and they are now happy to be living in their ’home for life’!