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Inspired by a new season of life, this couple were not only looking to replace their tired shaker kitchen with a new and contemporary look, but also to re-consider the layout of the whole living space so that it could become a comfortable and natural gathering place. It needed to contain a quiet space, a chilling space and a place to enjoy a chat as well as having all the necessary elements of a practical kitchen.


The original kitchen had always been an awkward one in terms of layout and practicality so for the new design we created a dominant island as a key point of gathering for guests, whist ensuring an unhindered working space for the cook. To harmonise the living space we floated slim cabinets as dressers on the opposite side of the kitchen, becoming useful zones for the paperwork and TV. Since the room is long and includes a snug space and a small conservatory we laid the flooring at a 45 degree angle to create a sense of width and space as you enter the room.


When I first called the clients after the kitchen had been completed all I heard on the phone was a resounding ‘Wow’!

As part of the design process I had made recommendations regarding colours and finishes that had pushed the boat out for this couple but they were willing to trust the outcome and are now delighted with the complete change of look and feel.

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