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The backdrop for this kitchen has both history and drama. This country house and a landscaped park in the New Forest, Hampshire was designed and built by Thomas Archer around 1715.

There were so many considerations when designing this kitchen, not least because the finished design needed to match and even enhance the stature of this heritage property. The high ceilings and antique panelling afforded a splendid backdrop for creativity, so we worked with bold and striking materials and textures to create a truly statement kitchen that could hold its own in this tremendous space.

The client's list of appliances was very specific since cooking is very much part of this household’s fun, and the much loved Thermomix required a special place all of its own.


There were many issues to overcome along the way. In addition to the extended delays from protracted building works and Covid 19 lockdown effects, the end result truly is a multi-focal kitchen. With so much weight in the panels and flooring, it would have been easy to minimise the kitchen and let the fabric speak. Instead, the owners allowed us to introduce strong and dramatic features that really ground the design and establish the core areas of preparing, cooking, and dining.

In the cooking zone the Aga takes pride in place with dramatic Dekton Aura splashback providing a striking and practical backdrop. The preparation zones are divided into two islands, creating symmetry in front of the Aga. Dekton Trillium surfaces offer connectivity with the dark wood of the room whilst bringing in a modern contrast with the older features. Finally, there are two separate zones for sitting to eat- the breakfast bar for a more casual snack and the dining table for a more comfy experience.


The outcome is outstanding. With light flooding in from the garden and so many beautiful features woven into the scheme, this kitchen simply radiates life, and has become a true 21st century heritage of social and family living at the heart of the home.

Despite the vastness of this beautiful property, there is a special call on this room for friendship, for food and for fun.

Our Clients had this to say:

"It was a deceptively simple request: insert a modern 21st century kitchen into a Georgian space (which had been a mid C20th kitchen most recently). This wasn't our first kitchen makeover and we did confess that we like to spend a long time on paper, getting all the details correct so that we would never suffer from regret. Happily Keith felt a similar way and coped well with our traffic flows, step counts, golden triangles, discrete spaces, extreme architectural constraints, multiple doors and windows, dedicated, custom sized cupboards for particular equipment, cutlery and equipment counts....and on and on.

The Myers Touch team rose to our endless requests for research into some socket or surface and coped with all the timetables and demands of other suppliers that were involved. We had builders, joiners, tilers, plasterers, cornice makers, electricians, a paint manufacturer, outrageous lamps, inherited antique glassware, a 1970s AGA and reclaimed wood (to be built in of course). They even sourced the last available kitchen sink from Dubai because the pandemic and Brexit were uniting to confound manufacture and delivery. Myers Touch handled it all without a murmur and with aplomb.

Honestly, if you're looking for a kitchen with thoughtful, functional design and style delivered by a quite extraordinary team, then you're in the right place. You'll need a jolly good reason not to work with them!"

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