Modern Kitchen Winchester | The Myers Touch
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These clients first came to us in 2014 before their project was put on pause. After a long wait they finally got the go ahead in 2018 and was a case of updating and finalising our original design. The project entailed a large new extension to the back of the house and was to be a large space for their young family to enjoy


The kitchen was themed and designed around a window that the architect had originally specified. However, this was originally a high-level window so Keith suggested to lower this in order to create an area for the sink to be framed by the window. The extension also had extra high ceilings with the client not wanting any extra tall units/top boxes added on to this. Therefore a build-down to the top of the cabinetry was included to frame the area. We used SieMatic furniture from their SLC range in contrasting colours of Sterling Grey and Umbra. The clean lines of the Nikola Tesla Induction Hob extraction allows the cook to face and interact with family or friends in the rest of the space.


Working with the architect meant that all of the elements pulled together in terms of design and the structure of the space. The kitchen was adapted to make the kitchen flush with the window system. This therefore allowed the kitchen space to work with the glazing and making sure it all flowed with the rest of the room. The kitchen is now the heart of this family’s home in a beautiful space for them with indoor / outdoor living when the weather allows!