Open-plan Kitchen Chandlers Ford | The Myers Touch
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With their love of cooking and entertaining, the couple wanted a beautiful social space where family and friends could come together and share in the delights of great food, wine and conversations. They had engaged another company for their project but, something wasn’t sitting right so after a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s social gathering they asked Keith to cast his eye over their plan. At the design presentation, the client being a property developer asked the million dollar question .... “had The Myers Touch been involved at the beginning of the project, would you have done anything different or made any changes to the building?”. When Keith was working on the estimate, ideas of how the space could be improved were bouncing around his head but, aware of the additional build cost implications this would involve for their project kept to their brief & budget until this question was posed, the floodgates opened! The clients were intrigued and seemed happy with the circumstances posed and open to hear more of Keith’s design concept. He suggested knocking down the Utility/Larder walls already in place and blocking up the window in this area which they had received planning consent for and to relocate the Utility into another area of the house. After presenting the concept, the clients were speechless and clearly loved the prospect of sectioning the kitchen-dining into three different segments. The uniqueness of the design comprehensively changed the flow of the room which in turn pushed back into the whole internal living space. Not only did they love the look and quality of the product we introduced but they could fully appreciate the value that the new design/layout would add to their home life and ease in entertaining.


Keith felt the current design lacked drama and impact, with the physical space of a utility room pushing into the larger room creating a complicated area. Therefore, proposed a solution that involved making changes to the building and effectively making a larger kitchen area resulting in additional build works and an increase to the kitchen cost to accommodate the furniture required to achieve the outcome. The existing location of the dining table meant that as you entered the room you were confronted by this enormous obstacle to navigate around and in Keith’s mind it was too close to the door. It was restricting the beauty of the environment and completely preventing the flow between the three key Living, Dining and Kitchen areas. By removing the Utility we created a specific Dining/Wine area and storage space where the large dining table could be accommodated to sit in front of the Wine serving area encouraging a free flowing and openness upon entrance into the room. Our design combined three unique zones which included a Cooking area housing the Ovens with the Island incorporating an Induction/extraction Hob; the wet prep area housing the sink, and the tall storage/larder areas that connected the kitchen with the Dining space. The demarcation of the Wine area and its integration as a feature of the dining room furniture created a clear transition of what each space was to be used for. The use of the mirror over the sink was primarily designed to allow a greater connection to the garden and the people in that space whilst standing at the sink, enabling the user to feel part of the garden even though their back is turned away from it. The major problem we resolved was the physical space planning of this central living area and by opening up the room it immediately encouraged a greater sense of welcome. The proposed alterations tested our expertise to overcome ceiling height concerns, angles and modifications to the Island lighting and some unit heights as they flowed through the connecting zones. We addressed this by using ceiling down lights to cross beam and floodlight the opposite sides of the room giving a dispersed light, and then flattened the apex of the vaulted ceiling to allow a fixing point for the pendant light and also for the speaker system to be installed.


The clients chose a palette of neutral tones and we love the blend of laminate wood finishes with a soft grey laminate, both harmonizing well with the strong grey window frames and wood flooring. The room is flooded with light and gives off a warm welcoming feel whilst remaining crisp and elegant. Use of glass for the splash back, wall units and light fittings provide just the right amount of showiness yet the kitchen is highly practical and made for use. Dekton and Silestone worktops combined with wipe-down laminate doors provide the ultimate in clean-ability. Mr Delve loves his gadgets, especially the Quooker Fusion and they both appreciate the flow that allows for all the family to use the space altogether without tripping over each other. The 3 ovens allow for steam, convectional and combination cooking and a microwave is hidden behind the pocket doors so that every cooking opportunity is available. By engaging our services at the stage they did, these clients were able to avoid making some fundamental mistakes that could have impacted on the way they ultimately lived even though they may not have realised it at the time. The clients had never been given the opportunity to consider an alternative design to solve their problem, so our proposal and approach to the design layout to embrace the whole living space and not just the kitchen area we feel met and far exceeded their expectations.

Our Clients had this to say:

“We went to see The Myers Touch after another kitchen company let us down and were not disappointed. Keith's design eye is superb and he immediately got a sense of what we were trying to achieve in the space we had, and encouraged us to make a decision to knock down a wall which proved to be a decision we have not regretted. The end result is brilliant and we are delighted with our kitchen. It was not cheap, but every time we come home from work to cook, or have people over we appreciate it was money well spent!” Mrs Delve, Chandlers Ford.