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1.Do you charge for your kitchen designs?


As professional designers we unquestionably bring value to both the enjoyment and the functionality of a space through talent, expertise and professional services.

Rather than asking” How much will it cost to pay for a design?”, we suggest considering “What might the cost be to you over a potential lifetime, of getting the design of this critical space wrong?” Living with too little surface space; inappropriate positioning of cabinetry or insufficient storage space are common issues created by ill-considered schemes, and the effects of these can easily spoil the pleasure and ease of using your kitchen. We will safeguard you from all these wrong choices and ultimately add value to not just your kitchen space but your quality of life too.

So whilst the simple answer may be yes, we charge for design, the flip side is we actually save you money by adding huge value and by getting it right first time!

For details of our 3 key kitchen design consultancy services and costs please call and speak to a member of our Design team.

PS. It is worth mentioning that there is of course no charge for an introductory visit to our Winchester showroom and we highly recommend giving us advance notice so that we can ensure one of our team will be available to meet with you and discuss any questions you may have. It is during this introduction that you will see for yourself whether the people, product and service aligns with what you are looking for. To book an  appointment call 01962 60005901962 600059.  


2.How much do your kitchens cost?

In 2019/20 our most expensive kitchen was over £140K whilst the average was around £53K. This is achievable because we can apply our expertise in design to a spectrum of product offerings and ensure we choose the right ones for you. It is why it is so important to know your budget before we start designing. To offer you the world and find it is unobtainable would be plain disappointment, whilst to reduce your choices in case we are seen as too expensive would simply be to cheat you out of the best.

It is important that expectations are appropriate to investment. Helping us to understand your expectations and providing us with your budget will enable us to advise whether the budget is realistic, and to find ways in which you can derive the most value from your investment.

3.I’m not sure of my budget…

Knowing or becoming aware of your budget is a vital part of the Design consultation. Since we partner with a variety of manufacturers which offer products at differing price points there are a large number of options available for inclusion depending upon your desired investment. It may be helpful to break down the costs into these 5 main areas: cabinetry; appliances; worktops; accessories and installation.

Within each of these categories there are lower and higher cost products, and it is usual that our clients undergo a process of deciding which of these are of most importance and therefore require specific investment. We are happy to spend time discussing these options with you, helping you to come to an informed decision that best suits your requirements. At the end of the day we all have a budget of some sort, and ensuring we select the right products for your financial as well as practical and aesthetic needs is of importance to us. Determining a budget will not only give us clarity on the scope of the Design but will also allow you to apportion monies to other areas of your project.

4.What is a Design Consultation?

“Our old kitchen was the source of all friction in the house. In a four generation household our new and much enlarged kitchen, designed by Helena and Keith, is the source of all harmony fostering communication and interaction” General J Wallace Rtd, Four Marks

A Design Consultation is the name we give to the pre-design discovery process. Put simply it is time given to combine the specific needs and desires you have for your kitchen –living space with our expertise, advice and experience. We strongly believe a that a kitchen is so much more than the sum of it’s products. Within the Design consultation we will consider space and flow; light and ergonomics; aesthetics and ambience. We may even suggest some homework that will help you solidify your ideas and thoughts. We will listen to you, challenge you, and get you thinking about your kitchen in ways that you may never have considered before. It is at this point we will also require an indication of your budget to combine with the above information to allow us to draw out your very best desires for this important space, and to ensure you get the absolutely best result possible!     To book an appointment with one of our Design Managers call  01962 600059 01962 600059.



5.What is involved in your kitchen Design service?

“Expertise in terms of layout and design go without saying; but most valuable was the challenge to our thought process's alongside suggestions and ideas that we would never have got to on our own” Mr Dellamura, Southampton

The Myers Touch Kitchen Design service is a comprehensive package with the sole aim of discovering exactly what you need from your kitchen –living space and then delivering an inspirational design which will fulfil these needs.

The journey begins with a Design consultation, usually in our award-winning Winchester studio, but possibly in your home or new space. A lot of listening and questioning occurs at this time and we recommend at least 2 hours in order to fully discuss your brief and scope of works. Before this meeting we will send you a thought-provoking piece of homework; we want you to really consider what will make this new space special to you, and we provide helpful questions to stimulate thought in terms of product, technology, lifestyle and dreams.

By the end of the consultation we have enough information and direction to inspire our designs. Over the next days and weeks our Design team mull, wrestle and pour their hearts into crafting a design (or sometimes a number of designs) that fulfil the brief. We build the kitchen on our CAD system and prepare a costing which includes all the key elements involved- cabinetry, appliances, worktops, sinks & taps and installation.

As soon as the designs are completed we meet again for what we call a Design presentation. This takes place in our well-resourced Winchester studio in order that products and samples are on hand for reviewing style, quality and comparability. Again we recommend a minimum of 2 hours during which we will walk through the progression of the design and help you consider options or variables that will serve you best and create the wow factor you are looking for. At this meeting we will also run through a breakdown of the costs so that you can see how the designs are on track with your budget.

We hope that by the end of this meeting you will feel confident that your dream kitchen is emerging and that you are in safe hands. We also hope you will see how passionate we are to provide you with nothing less than exceptional quality and unrivalled expertise.

Assuming you would like for us to fine tune the designs and make preparations for a scheduled roll out at some point in the coming 6 months we ask for a 25% deposit (or 10% initial deposit if your installation is over 6 months away). This allows our Design and Operations team to turn to the intricate detailing of the designs; final storage preference, selection of drawer insets, confirmation of appliance models; surface finishes etc and of course to make a start on the Interior Design elements which will provide the perfect backdrop for your kitchen.


6.What is a Spatial Design Service?

"It may sound dramatic...but the day we met Keith at Grand Designs our lives changed...for the better!   Keith has a whole different approach to the process of kitchen talk of what appliances we wanted and where...instead an in-depth discussion of our lifestyle and how we wanted the space to work for us” Mrs Bedford, Surrey

In some instances you may want more than just a kitchen design. Perhaps you have recently purchased a home which has been utilised differently than the way you like to live, or maybe you have reached a transitional point and the home now needs to adapt to the change of season. Occasionally this may involve moving the kitchen to an alternative room, but it may also mean removing internal walls, pinching space from one room to improve another or simply reviewing the flow of the whole of the downstairs area. Although we do not provide architecture services our Spatial Design service involves a review of the ground floor with the intent of reworking flow and room positions and entrances. For this service you will receive an on site review of the existing arrangement and a consultation to understand your brief in full. We will measure up and take photo shots to capture vital information at the same time as the consultation and this visit usually lasts around 3 hours. Once we have all your requirements and information we will begin to rework the space through a series of sketches comprising potential layout adjustments which we discuss with you at a further Design presentation in our studio. The selected layout will be drawn up on CAD alongside a kitchen design and full quotation. The current charge for this service is £2995 and is of enormous value if you are looking to enhance usability, efficiency, use of light, flow and zoning in your home.

To book an appointment with one of our Spatial Designers call  01962 600059 01962 600059.




7.Will you do a site visit first?

Unless you are using our Spatial Design service we typically work off-plan with our clients in the showroom – our design background means that we’re fully versed in reading plans and understanding the spaces they describe. It’s likely, during our discussions, that we will make certain ideas and suggestions which are unique to SieMatic and The Myers Touch, and which can be more effectively illustrated with our showroom displays. We also have a full range of material and sample finishes here at the showroom which may form an integral part of our initial discussions.

If you don’t have plans, we can undertake a site visit to measure for you. Location will determine whether there is a charge for this, however at such time as you place your order with us, we will refund the site visit costs against your order.

In all cases the Design presentation meeting will be at the showroom, irrespective of the initial Design Consultation meeting location, so that the suggested products can be seen and confirmed.

Please be assured that all kitchen installations will undergo a detailed site survey prior to placement of furniture order with the Manufacturer.

8.I’m not ready to commit yet…


Unless you are in need of your kitchen within the next 3 months there’s no rush! We understand that there’s a great deal involved in putting together and developing a global budget for your project. We also know that planning a new kitchen involves numerous little decisions- from floor coverings to appliance specification to worktop thickness and finish. Many of our clients start seeking our help to create the right designs way before any build work gets underway. Once the core design is complete it would seem natural to tuck it away until the building works begin some months later however we cant tell you strongly enough how important it actually is to nail down all the little details and be fully prepared for the moment the build work starts. Since all this takes time we ask for a 25% deposit to secure the sale and to schedule in the work. As an approved member of the KBSA, this deposit is insured from up to 6 months before the proposed installation. For projects with installations between 6 months to a year we reduce the initial deposit to 10% with the balance 15% deposit falling due when the install reaches 6 months away. Knowing you have access to service drawings and detailed designs allows you to pass information to builders as they need it and will take the pressure of having to make last minute decisions on key items like ducting or electrical sockets. In order to be best prepared we recommend that detailed drawings are prepared for all kitchens within 6 months of install wherever possible.


9.What is a Commissioning fee?

We’re specialists in our field – we’re designers, not kitchen planners. Our design background provides us with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of form, space and composition, as well as the consideration of working processes, traffic flow, and movement around the kitchen and associated spaces. We don’t just ‘churn out’ quotes; we ensure that we take the time to sit down and really listen to your requirements before developing a proposal that responds to your brief. We expect you to be delighted with the designs proposed, and if you are happy we appreciate that you will want to receive plans, elevations and samples that will enable you to liaise with other professions in preparation for the installation. The actual fitting date may possibly be many months ahead, however, for projects involving a new-build or extension, detailed plans will be required to ensure extraction, plumbing and electrics are correctly positioned in preparation and your commitment in the Design retainer (as a rule 10% of kitchen estimate) will allow us to set aside time to complete this work.

10.I need to get some more quotes first…

We understand entirely. It’s good to look at some other suppliers and get a feel for how they compare with a premium German kitchen system. It’s also good to always remember that the value of any product or service is relative to not only the price but also the quality, longevity, innovation, authenticity, service history, experience and care that is delivered alongside the product, and we believe that to this end we cannot be beaten.

11.What if the costs increase?

The price that we provide you is not an estimated guess, but a fully accurate costing based upon the layout that we present to you at the Design Presentation meeting. Assuming that no major changes are made to the layout or the material choices, then there should, fundamentally, be no major cost variations. If you choose to amend these factors, then the cost could of course increase or decrease accordingly.

Sometimes manufacturers advise price increases. Where these are known in advance of ordering we will offer you opportunity for review or acceptance. Any such increase is included within our 'Post-Survey' contract document that requires your authorisation prior to your furniture going into manufacture.

12.When is a Site survey completed?

A site survey is completed after contract award ie. once you have decided The Myers Touch is the company you would like to work with to design & install your kitchen. 

Our Technical & Installations Manager will attend site to check measure the design when there is sufficient information available from the fabric of the room to record detailed measurements of wall lengths, ceiling heights, access points and service information. This will vary according to each project but for a replacement kitchen can be arranged as soon as the deposit is paid, whereas for new build or extensions will be delayed until the site is ready for measurements to be accurate. We avoid off-plan surveys wherever possible to minimise errors and we will not allow your furniture to go into production until this site survey has been complete


13.Do you provide Project Management services?

“When we described what we wanted to achieve you listened, thought carefully and then designed the solution.   Your teams commitment to excellence throughout the project has been exemplary” Mr G Wokes, IOW

Yes, we provide a range of possibilities depending upon your requirements and our availability. Our most popular service is a ‘Dry Fit’ kitchen design & installation in which we do not get involved with electrics or plumbing other than to provide your trades with detailed service drawings and to test the appliances after installation if the 2nd fix plumbing and electrics have been completed.

As an alternative we offer a full kitchen project management service, providing sub contracted trades to complete the whole installation in line with a pre-agreed Schedule of Works. These works are quoted independently from our kitchen quotation and POA (subject to availability of a Project manager) so please let us know early on if this is your preferred option.


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