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4 Good Reasons To Start Planning Your Kitchen Early

06 March 2017

It can be daunting to embark on a new kitchen, especially if you have never had this experience before. Many clients ask at what point they should engage with a designer, and our answer is always ‘as soon as you decide this is something you want to do'. Here are our top 4 important ‘knows’ for you to consider so that you are well-prepared to step into that journey…


1. Know your timescale


The length of a kitchen project will depend on whether the space is existing, requires minor adjustment, extension or new build. Where planning permission is required we recommend that permissions are granted before too much detail is covered, however it is always worth a preliminary chat with a kitchen expert prior to this since helpful advice concerning the layout of the kitchen may impact the design of the build itself.

  • Allow plenty of time for the development of the kitchen designs (around 4 weeks as a guideline) so that you do not feel rushed and have the opportunity to let the design journey develop.
  • Manufacture of cabinets takes between 4-12 weeks dependant upon the finished product, and then remember delivery too, so it’s always good to allow a minimum of 4 months prior to installation for the design development even if you are able to make your decisions quickly.
  • Installation will vary according to the size and complexity of the kitchen and needs scheduling in conjunction with other build works (like flooring or electrics for example). Allow around 2 weeks for a smaller project and 3 for a larger project since there will be a gap between template and installation of stone work tops.


2. Know your budget


Many clients come to us unaware of the current costs of buying a kitchen. Since our kitchens range from £20K to £160K it is important for us to have a correct understanding of the investment being made so that we offer choices which are relevant and appropriate. As a general guide the kitchen cost can be divided into 5areas- cabinetry, worktops, appliances, accessories and installation. Whether purchasing a premium kitchen or mid-range kitchen it can be helpful to realise that, if the worktops and appliances remain the same only the cabinetry will make a significant price difference and it is here that you will need to decide how or where your investment will have the best value.


3. Know your preference


Whether you know your design niche or not, most people are aware of those areas they dislike and this is a good place to start. Before you engage with a designer why not make a list of the things you enjoy or dislike about a kitchen you have used recently. We will have plenty of ideas if you are still unsure but all of your thoughts will be valid. Consider how you want to feel when using your kitchen as well as how you would like it to function as these are all important factors in ‘getting it right’.


4. Know what experience you would like


Engaging with an Interior Architectural Designer is a very different experience to using a Kitchen planner. The main difference is that one is focused on solving a problem or creating a ‘scene’ whilst the other is focused on selling a product. One is a journey of discovery and possibility whereas the other is a race to the finish line. It is worth asking yourself the question ‘what type of company would I like to engage with, and what experience am I looking for?’




When this couple came to visit The Myers Touch they were well versed in the regular process of kitchen design. What they hadn’t expected was a completely fresh approach to the use of their space and some challenging discussions which would form the bedrock of their final design.


Through Design Consultation, Keith Myers crafted a design that would make best use of their new space, creating a kitchen-living space characterised by Adam and Ann’s desire for a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere. The hours of discussion and attention to detail paid good dividends and resulted in this beautiful kitchen.

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