Blurring the boundaries – how to achieve the epitome of indoor-outdoor living

03 August 2016

The sun’s out, parties are being planned and we are soaking up every last ounce of summer. No matter the occasion, this season is undeniably the best time to entertain, and with it, comes the chance to throw open the doors and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Fuelled by our passion for unconventional design and bright entertainment-friendly spaces, we are now designing kitchens that allow us to enjoy just that. By combining the simplicity of modern interiors with the purity of nature, you can create spaces that flow uninterrupted into landscaped gardens, blurring the natural boundaries between indoors and out in the best possible way.

Should you be looking to create this harmonious blend between the interior and exterior within your own home, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few design solutions that help create stunning transitional spaces.

Let the light in


Considered use of glass partitions can help provide the illusion of being outside, allowing natural light to flood into the home, instantly brightening and opening up any space. By breaking away from the traditional ways of architectural detailing and incorporating modular folding glass partitions you can effortlessly transform a room into an inviting space that becomes a gateway to the outside. Functional yet aesthetically pleasing; if designed with purpose, folding glass walls can become suitable to meet each seasons weather demands and create a year round statement.

Blurring the boundaries

Create a cohesive link

Considering the same flooring material throughout can synchronise the space seamlessly, helping the two distinct environments flow together into one. The simple elegance of choosing flooring finishes that compliment the indoor-outdoor design elements of your space, provide continuity and a serene experience throughout.

In collaboration with one of our partner companies, Panoramics, we create design solutions by sourcing some of the most beautiful natural stone, that gives your outside space a sense of intention and thought out design.

Blurring the boundaries

Mirror your interiors

Of course, the practicalities of the environment play a central role in shaping that perfect indoor-outdoor living experience. Extending your kitchen worktop outside, to maximize your interior environment, truly blurs the boundaries between inside and out. Practical and seamless, this design solution helps create ample amounts of seating, preparation and serving space for those summer months when you want to extend your entertaining and dine space outdoors. Due to their ultra-compact structure, work surfaces by Dekton are particularly suitable when trying to achieve this finish, as they offer unlimited practicality and withstand demanding use over time, whilst retaining their striking appearance. To view examples of the stunning results by Dekton, we suggest a visit to our elite studio, where these luxurious materials are used to create inspirational indoor and outdoor settings.

Blurring the boundaries

If you are looking for innovative design solutions that allow you to blend your indoor and outdoor space together and enjoy those sunny summer days with friends and family, visit our studio or contact us on 01962 600700.