How To Design A White Kitchen

31 March 2021

We often talk about pushing the boundaries of kitchen design here at The Myers Touch. We love creating kitchens that encompass everything, from the house surroundings to the individual personalities that reside there.

With that in mind, we want to share with you a modern, white kitchen we designed in a beautiful rural location on the south coast of England.

Like numerous other projects of ours, we're really proud that this project received press attention and was featured in the March edition of i-Build magazine (a national publication that offers insight and advice for self-build and home improvement projects).

We’ve had an exciting brief for this contemporary new build from the architect, Andy Ramus from AR Design Studio, who designed a conceptual layout for the house and proposed a sleek white kitchen.

An open-plan modern white kitchen design

As always, our first meeting with the client involved going through their whole thought process surrounding the functionality, colour and style of their desired kitchen.

We worked closely with them to explore and develop these thoughts concerning the layout, colour and cabinetry style. As a result, the kitchen fitted harmoniously with the architecture and style of the building.

An open-plan modern white kitchen design with window walls

Interestingly, the client wanted a small back-of-house kitchen that included a stainless-steel worktop, sink, dishwasher, utility cabinetry functions and central water supply so that they could undertake the functional aspects at the rear of the house behind closed doors.

The client also envisioned a large island with seating, luxury appliances, storage, coffee machine, a Quooker tap and a TV area in the central kitchen which we seamlessly incorporated into the designs.

First, we designed the back-of-house kitchen space to include the spec they had outlined.

We then developed a big central island in Corian that met all their social and entertaining requirements and allowed space for bar stools.

An open-plan modern white kitchen design, showcasing a long all-white kitchen island

The other side of the central kitchen housed the TV and storage area and were beautifully complemented by the internal brick wall. There was a real synergy and relationship between the building and the kitchen itself, which we felt was vital.

An open-plan modern white kitchen design, showcasing a long all-white kitchen island

One obstacle to consider was the extraction and storage level in the central kitchen, particularly the hob extraction. Their appliances created steam and smoke when used; therefore, the extraction had to be very strong and efficient, so we included a custom-made full-length ABK extractor with two ducts running into a single motor.

The design ethos intended the kitchen to be as sleek and minimalist as possible, so we worked closely with the architects to keep to the overall design theme that they envisioned for the building.

In collaborations like this, we work closely with the architect and other partners involved in the project, such as an interior designer or the property developer. It’s crucial to ensure the building is working with the kitchen, and the kitchen works with the building, and it's something we are experts at.

You can read more about our chat with i-Build Magazine and the whole project here.

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