How To Use Nature To Extend Your Kitchen Living Space

09 September 2020

Most of 2020 has been spent at home so far.

Kitchens under the spotlight

In particular, it’s put our kitchens under the spotlight; they’ve been used as multifunctional rooms like never before.

And this has resulted in many of us taking to home improvement plans with huge enthusiasm, wanting to make our spaces work better for our lifestyles.

At the same time, this strange period has also served us with an increased appreciation of the great outdoors, with us wanting to make the most of our one hour allotted exercise time (doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago?)

So, it seems like the perfect time to focus on blending the outdoors and indoors.

Watch our three-minute video, in which we talk about:

  • Using your garden to create an extension of your living space
  • How to bring nature indoors
  • Making full use of light
  • The practical benefits of combining your kitchen with your garden