How We Ended Up Here

08 October 2019

Last week, someone asked me how long The Myers Touch has been operating, and I realised that the 3rd October was, in fact, our 16th anniversary since opening!

The conversation got on to how it all started, where we’ve come from, and what’s happened since.

Things have changed a lot since 2003. For starters, The Myers Touch began in the Study. We worked tirelessly from our family home for the first three years, and in 2006 we opened the studio here in Kings Worthy, which has been our pride and joy ever since.

You may be aware that we were awarded UK Kitchen Studio of the Year in 2017 – something we’re very proud of.

Over the years we’ve also been involved in numerous other activities, milestones, events and achievements…

  • We host The Dining Club, an exclusive dining experience around the chef’s table in our unique and innovative setting.
  • We host monthly Design Talks, primarily about designing kitchens with light, space and laughter
  • We host regular Cookery Classes, with BBC MasterChef winners
  • We sponsor the Winchester Wine Festival, at the end of November this year
  • Once again, I’ll be sitting on the 'Ask the Expert' panel for Grand Designs Live at The NEC this week, offering advice & expertise during the show.

I also have some other headline speaking sessions at Grand Designs Live, where I’ll be talking about the true essence of design and approaching projects with a completely different mindset.

If there’s one thing that has developed over the years, it’s the growing feedback about our innovative, even world-class approach to kitchen design. It’s something we’re very passionate about, as we know that - done well - it has a wonderfully positive impact on family relationships.

As you can see, we’re as busy as ever! Helena and I are very proud of where The Myers Touch has come from, where we’re heading, and of course our vastly experienced and personable team.

As I went back through the 16 years, it struck me that they’ve been exceptional - and that’s also no small thanks to all of the people who have crossed our path and have been a part of our business journey during that time.

Visit our Winchester studio and browse the latest luxury kitchen designs, meet the team and learn more about our upcoming calendar of exciting events.