3 Kitchen Design Ideas To Help You Bring The Outside In

21 June 2022

Bringing the outside in

If you've ever found yourself dreaming of a kitchen with a view of the sea, wildlife or the rolling countryside, you're not alone.

Of course, if you have this opportunity to create this, that's fantastic, but it's not always possible. A great first step is to look closer to home at what you already have within your garden. What if you could take your kitchen to new heights and make it a seamless extension of your outdoor space? What if you could maximise the joy and beauty of nature all year round with some clever kitchen design strategies?

The Myers Touch mission of creating kitchens with 'Light, Space, and Laughter' perfectly aligns with this type of design, and never has this been more important than this ‘post-pandemic’ period. As Director, Helena Myers, says; “We now want to engage with our outside environment in a much greater way than ever before. By drawing in the sounds, smells and visual pleasures of your garden, you fully enhance the indoor-outdoor lifestyle when inside your kitchen.”

We want to ensure that our clients enjoy every moment they spend in their new kitchen, whether cooking or simply relaxing with friends and family. Here are three ways you can seek to achieve this.

Using a mix of natural materials

When it comes to natural materials in the kitchen, you don't need much to make an impact.

Incorporating natural accents like wood and stone into your design scheme is a great way to add warmth and colour to the kitchen. Floors in stone give an earthy vibe, while worktops in quartz or granite, for example, add an air of elegance and sophistication.

Choose one or two elements that evoke nature to provide a contrast with all the other elements in your kitchen. For example, as shown in the picture below picture, cabinetry with a combination of wood tones can create a dramatic statement. You can also use natural stone worktops or backsplashes with warmer, earthy shades like brown or grey rather than white or black.

Kitchen design opening onto internal garden atrium in collaboration with AR Design.
Photography Martin Gardner.

Adding herbs & plants

Using plants to add nature to the kitchen and an easy transition to the garden.

Herbs and plants are a simple but impactful addition to your kitchen. Not only do they transform the space with a pop of colour, but they also provide freshness, fragrance and a sense of calm. Bringing health benefits with their ability to oxidise the air and serving as an ingredient in your cooking, they're sure to help make your home feel more inviting and welcoming.

Herbs that come from semi-tropical climates like basil, oregano and thyme benefit from being in a south-facing window, whilst mint, parsley and chives will thrive in less intense light. Consider a succulent aloe vera placed a few feet away from a sunny window; it has great healing properties for those occasional cooking burns.

Incorporating large glass windows and doors

Open plan kitchen design in collaboration with AR Design Studio.
Photography Martin Gardner.

One of the most popular ways to connect your kitchen and living space with nature is to incorporate large glass windows and doors, allowing the natural light to flood in.

Sliding or bi-fold doors onto a patio or deck allow you to enjoy effectively 'being' outside while still being able to prepare meals. They offer a flexible space where you can enjoy the breeze and climate of the warmer summer weather with the doors open, but equally, take full advantage of the winter light with the doors shut.

If you’re short on room internally, try to keep the outside at the same level so that when the doors are open, it will instantly expand your living space.

As luxury kitchen specialists, we work closely with a selection of forward-thinking architects to design a kitchen living space that is entirely cohesive with your outdoor area. As Helena explains; “We love to introduce the natural world into homes using a Biophilic design approach in our kitchen designs. From large glass structural spaces to adding a feature glass window that reflects green foliage, herbs and plants in your garden to connect your kitchen with your outdoor space.”

Collaborative indoor-outdoor design with AR Design Studio.
Photography Paul Craig.

Designing a home that brings nature indoors is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, every single day.

Whether your kitchen is small and simple or large and imposing, taking inspiration from the natural world can breathe new life into your home. Arrange an appointment with us and let's discuss how we can transform your space into a haven you'll never want to leave.