Innovation from the inside – how SieMatic are taking kitchen storage to the next level

17 November 2015

We are all familiar with this dilemma; we add more and more gadgets, glassware and dishes to our kitchen collection and no matter how well we stack them, space doesn’t seem to be on our side!

SieMatic have found the solution, which can be changed and adapted over time as your needs and requirements evolve – your kitchen will never become redundant.

Innovation from the inside

Creative kitchen solutions by SieMatic are made up of many, often modest little details that not only highlight their timeless elegance and high quality materials, but also their “inner values”, which provide homeowners with the power to keep a clutter-free, beautiful kitchen, but with the practical necessities close to hand.

We believe that with SieMatic, creating order has never been so much fun. Here we highlight just some of their highly flexible interior design solutions that provide dedicated storage to extend your kitchen’s functionality and allow you to accomplish any cooking task with the upmost of ease.

MultiMatic interior fitting system

Innovation from the inside

Even if you have a small kitchen, the right cabinet design can utilize the space to its full potential. The MultiMatic interior design system can be configured, changed and expanded just the way you like, providing 30% more storage space.

Designed exclusively by SieMatic, the basis for this creative solution is the patented SieMatic Multifunction track, which can be installed into every SieMatic cabinet* can also be added to the doors, allowing for their beautiful aluminium trays and frames to suspend without visible attachment.

There’s a place for everything in a SieMatic kitchen and the little details really do count! As a result, the accessories options for MultiMatic are endless! From baskets available in a variety of heights and depths for bottles and canned goods, to baking sheet holders and attractive aluminium-coloured clips for your shopping list and receipts.

*Cannot be installed directly into BeauxArt doors and so additional MultiMatic panels need to be installed in the inside of the door.

Innovation from the inside

This convenient storage solution means that even the most conventional cooking utensils become attractive features within your kitchen!

Customised draws and pull outs

Innovation from the inside

SieMatic’s revolutionary kitchen cabinetry doesn’t stop there!

Thanks to SieMatic’s versatile designs, their draws can be subdivided and accessorised to your individual needs. Behind every door is a mixture of beautiful, high quality materials, ranging from oak and chestnut, to attractive porcelain containers, providing a place for knives, spoons, spices and even chopsticks.

An integrated USB charging station can also be added into SieMatic’s internal cabinets, along with the GripDeck anti-slip inserts for heavier items, such as pots, which have been developed on the principles of a yacht deck. A detail few think about until their drawer contents slide around and become disorganised.

Please note that the inserts are optional extras and do not come with the units.

Innovation from the inside

If you would like the flexibility to adapt and change your storage solutions to create an efficient, stunning kitchen, contact The Myers Touch to find out more about creating a kitchen tailored to you and your family’s needs.