Kitchen Furniture – The Biggest Budget Variable

19 December 2019

kitchen furniture

The Biggest Budget Variable - Kitchen Furniture

As suggested a few weeks ago, I wanted to go into detail on the key variable in the budget for any kitchen – the furniture.

The furniture is the component that we find people want the most help with. And what you spend here will determine not only the price of your new kitchen but also the quality.

It’s essential that you consider the way you want it to look, the level at which you’d like it to function and the number of years you’d expect it to last. Only then can you get a realistic idea of how much it’s going to cost.


kitchen furniture

1. Quality point

You might have a figure in mind that you imagine spending on your new kitchen furniture. However, there’s a variety of different price points out there, and which manufacturer you use will vary massively in quality and the budget required.

After all, Kitchens can range in price from as little as £10k to ‘the sky’s the limit’.

In simple terms, if you have a kitchen design and installation budget of £30k or under, you’ll need to use a mid-level manufacturer. However, if you desire a top quality, show-stopping kitchen, with all of the latest design sophistication, you’ll require a premium manufacturer and be looking at £30k plus for the cost of your complete kitchen.


2. Style preference

Once you’ve found the right furniture manufacturer, it’s time to decide which style you want - to determine which collection you’ll use.

All manufacturers have a variety of collections. For example, SieMatic has the Pure, Urban and Classic collections.

Within these collections are price groups. And these vary, depending on the door finish and the quality.


3. Door finish

Kitchens need cupboard doors, and when it comes to price groups, it’s all about the door ‘finish’.

Are you content with a laminate door? Or, are you wanting a special finish that can be significantly more? For example SieMatic’s price groups range from 0-8 with Matt Laminate doors being 0-1 and Shaker/Metal/Lacquer doors being 4-8 (8 being the highest). If you have your heart set on a Shaker style door, that’s going to be more costly than a laminate door.


4. Metalwork inside

I’ll let you into a secret - how much metal goes into the cabinetry can dramatically affect the cost.

So, if you want a kitchen full of drawers and advanced storage solutions, it’s going to require a higher level of investment.

Make a list of your desired kitchen items, how often you expect to use them. Then, work out what’s important to you - what you need your kitchen to offer.

Remember this is a once in every decade or two purchase. You don’t want to end up kicking yourself for years to come, over removing a feature that would have added greater value and made your life easier.


All these decisions will leave you with a final price. Just like a credit card bill - the big number at the end is the combination of a lot of smaller decisions preceding it!

However, there are decisions along the way that can help you to remain within budget and still get the kitchen you want ie. you may wish to look at the other furniture/items on your list and decide whether there’s an accessory you can go without. And, of course, we’re here to help with exactly these choices.

Finally, on behalf of Helena and The Myers Touch team, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year.