Kitchen Interior Trends for 2019 - Part Four

26 December 2018

In our fourth blog on Kitchen Interior Trends for 2019 brings us on to Materials & Colours. From natural materials to expression to minimalistic calm, there's plenty to consider when designing the perfect layout.

The last instalment was all about Technology and the kitchen, looking at the development of the smart home, connected appliances and much more - including a zero user interface, integrated wine cooler! 

Download our full Kitchen Interior Trends report for 2019 here.

Natural Materials in the Home

Wood is a popular mainstay of the kitchen and different textures and essences are commonly found for decoration. Dark veneers are usually the base with light veneers used for highlights.

The popularity - and more importantly, appreciation - of craft and skill means that character elements are in fashion and can be used to give a rural look with organic or repurposed materials. 

These surfaces are often topped with leather or terracotta and can be used to add subtle depth and texture across your space.

Materials to Help with Environmental Damage

Recycling is a huge talking point across the globe right now and recycled wood, plastic and leather are being used to create products. From leathers made from leftover food to designers using rust, sand and earth to create new products to natural fibres replacing the polluting fibre-glass, there's a big push towards sustainability.

Using these techniques, designers are able to combine technology and biology to offer affordable alternatives to the more traditional materials. This is being seen not just in the kitchen and the home but throughout architecture. Studio Libeskind Sapphire in Berlin is a great example of this, where the exterior is coated with a specialised layer that breaks down organic deposits when exposed to UV light.

Image: Architecture Lab

Extreme Expression. Exposure to Influences Throughout the World

Globalisation is part of the makeup of the world today and this exposure to the world means influences have been taken when it comes to interior design. The use of bold colours, prints and patterns is more and more common across the UK, Europe and the world now, with people happier to experiment with self-expression.

Bright tones like yellow, red and green are popular, as are contradictory patterns. These are usually paired with dark materials, grey veneers, patterned tiles and opulent fabrics.


The key component is the mix of styles that are imaginative with glamorous finishes and materials seen in everyday items for a fresh approach to upholstery and lighting.

Minimalistic Calm

As mentioned back in an earlier blog, being more mindful and carving time out for yourself - particularly within your kitchen space - is a focus for many. 

This means that interiors are often a balancing contrast to the extreme expression. The neutral aesthetics connote simplicity, clear our mind and re-introduce peace.

Image: Light Living - The Myers Touch.


Download our full Kitchen Interior Trends report for 2019 here.