Kitchen Interior Trends for 2019 - Part Three

12 December 2018

This is the third of our six-part series and here we take a look at technology and how the evolution feeds in to interior trends for 2019.

Our previous two pieces on Kitchen Interior Trends for 2019 have seen discussions about Design & Lifestyle, including the culinary living room and atmospheric lighting, and Wellness, including self-care and connection with nature.

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The Smart Home

As technology continues to evolve across all aspect of life, it's only natural that it has become a key aspect of the home generally and now in the kitchen. Elements of this within the kitchen are: appliance diagnostics and energy conservation.

More exciting additions include the ability to order the food you need directly from your fridge or setting lighting and temperature before you are at home. The more this develops, the closer we get to devices being able to automatically adjust to our preferences!

Tech is in our everyday objects and the internet of things means the development of connected wearables like fitness trackers. As this trend continues, more and more things will be built with cameras, visual and speech recognition.

Connected Appliances

Smart homes mean a closer connection to appliances. Freedom and creativity are two pillars of kitchen design and future appliances are going to be focused on helping you and letting you experiment in the kitchen.

A few examples of connected appliances from the LG ThinQ range:

  • A washing machine that knows if you have a gym session in the calendar and will prepare the setting as such for when you return.
  • The fridge shows you the weather, grocery lists and tell you what's inside. You can even select an item from the fridge and it will show you recipe options.
  • If you choose a recipe option from the fridge then it can also communicate this to the smart oven, which will then begin pre-heating.

Image: LG.
So, what's to come? Well, it's likely to be along the lines of syncing a fridge with your fitness tracker so it makes food suggestions from health goals. Other options include touch sensor cabinets for tracking what goes in and out, and even calorie counters based on what's taken out.

Zero User Interface

Want to be able to us technology without having to understand it? Or have any faff whatsoever? You're not alone, and Artificial Intelligence is working towards this model. The ability to interpret voice, gestures and face recognition (maybe even one day brain signals!) means we can use it without screen or hands.

Image: Kaelo.

An incredible example of this is from Kaelo. Their seamless experience through the integrated wine cooler means you can keep wine perfectly chilled once the bottle is open. All you have to do to begin is touch the crown and the technology keeps your wine cool with no display needed.

Next time out we'll be looking at Materials & Colours, or you can download the full report here.