The Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

11 April 2022

a contemporary kitchen with Aga and double islands

As The Myers Touch Director, Helena, explained in our latest design talk, trends come and go, but who you are and what you want to express is timeless.

Therefore, first and foremost, ensure your overall kitchen theme reflects your individual style, needs, character and personality. Then, once you’ve established that foundation, you can look to the latest trends to influence elements of your kitchen design.

And with that in mind, here are our predictions for what’s happening to kitchen design in 2022…

International Influences

We’re seeing that clean, stylish, and straightforward Scandi-vibe cabinetry aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular. Think subtle and thoughtful wooden accents and accessorising with living features such as herbs and plants.

To achieve this look in a recent luxury kitchen project (below), we incorporated the natural material, walnut, into the design using a contrasting and layering approach.

A contemporary kitchen design with a classic edge designed by The Myers Touch in collaboration with Adam Knibb Architects. Photography by Paul Craig.

Bespoke kitchen storage for herbs and spices

Futureproofing Kitchen Spaces

A kitchen is a huge investment, so it needs to serve its purpose both today and tomorrow. Therefore, from both a functional and aesthetic viewpoint, think about where you’ll be in five or even ten years’ time.

Using natural materials and timeless colour palettes allows a room to span both current and future interior trends more easily. To ensure it remains both a practical and social space, consider accessible and flexible storage solutions in a kitchen to bring a sense of wellbeing into your daily routine.

Bespoke cabinetry storage solutions within a kitchen designed by The Myers Touch. Photography by Paul Craig.

Hidden Workspaces

With more people still working from home (at least some of the time), we’re seeing an increase in people looking for some form of home-working solution

Including a desk space behind a pocket door system provides the opportunity to include a ‘hideaway’ desk area complete with storage cabinetry. This boosts family ‘inclusiveness and togetherness’ in one multi-functional room.

A concealed work station in kitchen A concealed work station in kitchen

Examples of desk spaces created within The Myers Touch kitchen designs. Photography by Paul Craig.

Boot & Utility Rooms

The separation of tasks and the definition of spaces to keep homes uncluttered and clean has never been so important in the home in our post-pandemic lifestyles.

Our clients are asking for walk-in pantries, boot rooms and utility rooms much more, to create a definition between specific spaces.

As Helena says:

“The Boot room is a space where we can cast off our muddy boots, damp coats and sports gear before entering the rest of our home. It is a perfect room for pet owners and can be as simple as providing a place for a dog bed and coat rack, or as grand as an ordered storage facility for outdoor garments and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

A Boot Room should be warm with effective heating solutions, to quickly dry off damp coats and shoes with good ventilation. We always include a bench seat so you can sit down and cast off wet trainers and sports boots, as well as plenty of hooks for keys, belts, dog leads, coats and handbags. For pets, we can also add extra storage for pet baskets, food, water bowls and even a small pet shower or sink.”

A utility/boot room in light colour

Utility/Boot Room design from The Myers Touch. Photography by Paul Craig.

Statement Splashbacks

The kitchen splashback is an area that has seen massive growth in design options over the last few years. Yes, of course it needs to serve its functional purpose, but it is no longer defined by mere practicality.

This area of your kitchen design can afford to be a little risqué because it’s one of the easier elements to update down the line. The world is your oyster – consider glass and mirror designs, and materials such as quartz or ceramic tiles in bold patterns and colours.

A scandi-style kitchen design with mirrored splashback

A mirrored splashback in a Scandi-style kitchen

A Place for Favourite Items

Our clients are also requesting bespoke cabinetry solutions for their appliances. Storage solutions are being designed and created to conceal or reveal a wide array of kitchen appliances.

This storage feature below is a perfect example – we incorporated a pocket door system to house our client’s beloved Thermomix. This solution means that it’s easily accessible when needed but even easier to conceal when not in use. The stainless steel shelves and proximity to power meant it can be used in situ without damaging the furniture.

We creatively help you to use every inch of your space, without it feeling cluttered or overwhelmed. We love the recent glass display units we created in a recent project accessed via a ladder rail.

A small appliance cabinetA small appliance cabinet


With clients being ever-more conscious about their energy usage, we work with them to help reduce their carbon footprint and utility costs by advising them on the most effective eco-solutions.

Check out more of our luxury kitchen projects portfolio incorporating some of these key trends.