Making your cupboards work for you - Multimatic (in the new year)

21 December 2017

Nowhere is space as valuable as in the kitchen, and with the SieMatic Interior accessories system, you don’t need to sacrifice a single centimeter since the system is designed for your individual and unique adjustment. This is achieved by the integrated use of a multifunction track which is available inside doors and carcasses of SieMatic units. Using a 16mm grid, a single door can be transformed into a unique arrangement of storage by attaching an array of accessory elements which are simply secured by the 90-degree twist of a special clip. The tracks are sealed to protect cupboards from dust and moisture. Cupboard shelving offers flexibility for storing objects of differing heights and high capacity drawers can be retro-fitted to the base and tall cabinets to increase efficiency and ease of access. A cupboard door near the hob could be transformed into a spice rack; a sink cabinet door can hold a towel and a storage rack for damp cloths and washing up liquid; kitchen foil and foil cutters and be easily accessed in the nearest convenient cabinet.

Spices rack in cupboard Opened cupboard

If you have a SieMatic kitchen, why not consider some simple accessories to enhance your kitchen in the new year? Here are some of our favourites:

Wine racks
Baking Tray holder
Kitchen roll holder    
Wine Racks 

Baking tray holder
Curved wine rack
Shelving unit