Miele Dialog Oven

22 August 2019


Helena Myers recently returned from a visit to Miele's Abingdon Showroom for their new product launch, during which a variety of new cooking innovations were highlighted. "My personal favourite is the Dialog oven. There is nothing else on the market like it. I watched as the Chef carefully placed a piece of fish inside a casement of pure ice and then proceeded to cook this in the oven. In just 7 minutes the fish was out and ready to eat. And the ice block was still intact. This incredible technology means that the oven will ‘sense’ the individual food items and make adjustments to ensure each item is cooked to perfection. So it can actually cook, heat and defrost a range of foods simultaneously allowing the ultimate precision in both consistency and control. I think that’s incredible!"

Innovative technology for perfect enjoyment

The Dialog oven is not only a world premiere, but a cooking appliance that sets new standards. With the revolutionary M Chef technology, you can create cooking innovations with guaranteed excellent results – while preparation is easy and you even save time. More pleasure while cooking, more convenience in everyday life and more extraordinary experiences. Discover the new possibilities!

A new dimension in home cookery

The Dialog oven opens up exciting possibilities in the realm of cooking. Its revolutionary technology enables the creation of completely new and innovative dishes. Cooking a fish in ice or veal tenderloin in beeswax without melting ice or wax, separating browning from baking, preparing different dishes and ingredients simultaneously, perfectly serving sophisticated dishes – always at the highest level.

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