New combination steam oven & new vacuuming drawer from Gaggenau

26 October 2015

We are pleased to announce that Gaggenau, the pioneer in steam cooking technology, will be releasing their new Combination Steam Oven & New Vacuuming Drawer!

This easy to use professional appliance with automatic cleaning and sous-vide cooking function can fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen, ensuring your food has all the taste, texture and nutrients locked in.

This innovative product cooks your food at a consistently low temperature of between 50-95 degrees, helping retain the natural flavour of your ingredients, with no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Besides the excellent health benefits, this method can also extend the storage life, providing the perfect partner for busy family life!

If you would like to enjoy a technique used by a number of Michelin star chefs, and recreate this professional way of cooking in the comfort of your own home, contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182 to find out more about this new product from Gaggenau.