Small Choices & Big Decisions

29 July 2020

There’s so much to consider when you embark on a new kitchen design project, it can feel overwhelming at the start.

Small Decisions

Unlike any other room in the house, the kitchen requires an abundance of small decisions from style, colour and layout, to appliances, worktops and seating. And that’s just grazing the surface!

These initial determinations are what form a genuinely intimate space, and that same magic is what can transform a kitchen from ‘great’ to ‘extraordinary’.

At The Myers Touch, we know that the type of furniture has the ability to set the scene for the entire atmosphere of your kitchen living space.

So, it’s fair to say that furniture choice is fairly important!

For this reason, we’ve done our research on kitchen suppliers, and which ones offer the best opportunity to achieve that magic.

Watch my one minute video, on the choices we have available at The Myers Touch:

At The Myers Touch, we are with you from the beginning of your journey. We guide you through the big decisions, and advise you on the small choices.

If you’d like assistance planning your dream space, you can call us on 01962 600 700