The Challenges of a Smaller Kitchen

01 February 2021

How to make a small space work for you

We often speak to clients with smaller kitchens who are at a loss about how to make their space work for them.

If this is a challenge you’re facing, then there’s no need to despair. With clever, innovative design and using the creative storage options that the SieMatic range offers, we will help you unlock vast possibilities to make the absolute best possible use of space that you’re working within.

In this short video, Director and Interiors Expert Helena Myers explains some key principles that are easy to apply to your living space, such as:

  • Unusual use of mirrors
  • Creating a feature
  • Going minimal

If you need expert guidance converting your small space into a room that is bursting with possibilities, then get in touch. We’re still open and operating our full design service.

If you’re contemplating a kitchen project, our online Design Talks are the perfect place to start. Click here for more details.