When Drama In Your Kitchen Is a Good Thing

18 September 2020

Let’s face it, there’s been A LOT of drama in the kitchen over the past six months.

What's been happening in lockdown.

From home schooling and Zoom meetings, to regular sit-down meals and banana bread masterpieces, our kitchens have never worked so hard to keep us going.

But that’s not the type of drama I’m talking about here.

I mean the drama that happens, intentionally, at the design stage.

Creating Contrast

One way to generate the right mood and atmosphere in your living space is by creating contrast through the use of textures, colours, and light.

This should be incorporated into the design of your kitchen, and our Interior & Colour Specialist Helena Myers explains more in this 90 second video:

If you want to have a chat about how we can help you incorporate these important elements into your kitchen design, please get in touch.