When Is a Kitchen Like a Car?

15 October 2020

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Don’t worry. We haven’t suddenly diversified into meals on wheels. When I’m talking about the similarities between kitchens and cars, I’m talking about deciding on your budget.

Decision Making Journey

Like buying a car, you must first tick off this important stage in your decision-making journey when buying a kitchen.

And you need to do it BEFORE you get excited on Pinterest, or start window shopping.

You can start one of two ways.

Is your budget realistic?

Either identifying your dream kitchen, and deciding if that’s realistic for your budget, or deciding on a budget, and working out you’re your realistic kitchen is.

To do this, it helps to break the cost down into sections (and this is where we can help you):

1. Kitchen Furniture

2. Worktops

3. Appliances

4. Storage

5. Finishing touches

Once you have achieved this, it’s easier to see which areas you can make sacrifices in, especially if you want to splurge elsewhere on factors that you’d rather not compromise on.

Watch this short video, explaining our formula for budgeting for your new kitchen and how to master it.

If you’d like some help budgeting for your kitchen, please get in touch and we’ll make some time in the diary to talk.