Why choose a Kitchen Specialist over an ‘off-the-shelf’ alternative?

28 September 2015

Do it yourself, or hire some help? This is a question many homeowners are faced with when looking to refresh their kitchen design, and here at The Myers Touch, we know the answer!

From our years’ of experience, all projects, big and small, require extensive amounts of planning and preparation in order to minimise potential issues along the way and deliver a kitchen you will fall in love with. Something that can be rather challenging alone!

However, when embarking on their home-renovation project, many are swayed by the cheaper ‘off-the shelf’’ alternative. With this is mind, we take a look at some of the key factors highlighting the importance of choosing a kitchen specialist and why it can make all the difference in creating your dream kitchen!

A tailor-made relationship…and kitchen
When searching for a kitchen specialist, look for someone who is just as passionate about your dream kitchen as you are! Compared to many high street brands, a specialist design team will work with you throughout the journey of your project, helping create a space that suits you and the way you want to live. Through ongoing discussion and the sharing of ideas, creative plans come together. By building a close relationship, your designer will help you build a picture of the perfect kitchen for your home, as well as alleviate any possible misunderstandings during the process.

Embracing opportunities
By engaging with a qualified kitchen company that specialises in interior architecture and design from the very beginning of your project, you allow them to spot the opportunities that may not have been originally visualised. Problem areas in your kitchen can become stylish spaces when incorporating a custom design; don’t hold back on asking something that may seem unfeasible to you, as your designer could have the perfect solution! In addition to this, minor changes and adjustments can dramatically enhance the practicality and aesthetics of your kitchen; compared to an ‘off-the-shelf’ brand where it can sometimes be ‘what you see is what you get’.

An eye for detail
With a bespoke kitchen, rarely will there be a moment where you look for more storage or extra features, because every drawer, unit and appliance would have been designed with a purpose in mind. From on-wall systems to pop-up sockets, the opportunities really are endless. Be sure to make a list of all your must-have items or areas to utilise. For example, if you’re a keen cook, you could benefit from top-of-the-range appliances or a vast prep space.

Pay for the best you can afford
Choosing an ‘off-the-shelf’ alternative to a bespoke kitchen may keep your initial costs down, but can easily cause unexpected problems along the way, that to rectify, could cost more! Spending what you can afford on a good designer, partnered with quality material choices, will prevent any costly mistakes and create a space you and your family will love.

By investing in a relationship with a qualified, experienced kitchen specialist from the outset, your kitchen dreams can be realised. Something that will not only transform your life, but the way you use your kitchen.

If you would like to seek expert advice from a qualified experienced kitchen specialist, please contact The Myers Touch on 01962 600182